Where the possibilities are endless…

The rediscovery of My Heart Magic


There came a time where she arrived at the edge of all she thought she knew.  This place was the opening into a lush, limitless, boundaryless, expansive, living green field.  She stood in an invisible door, peering out.  A hand appeared reaching out to her. She knew all was ok, familiar and safe.  She walked out onto the She took the hand.  When connected, she became aware that the hand was attached to her dad who had left the earth plane many years ago.  Tears streamed down her now innocent, childlike and new face.  She was so very happy to be with her dad.  She was open and ready and knew now was the time.  She was led along the beautiful, green grass field.  She gazed into the distance, taking in this view that was now hers, guided by her dad.  She saw a drop off that led to what appeared to be a town.  It contained stone buildings and structures, old style European feel.