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The Power of Ravens


The appearance of ravens, who usually travel in pairs, signifies an offer to assist in seeing things more clearly – to navigate coming change. To many they represent the “clearing of the mists” and as a result coming good luck.

With raven by your side, your success is guaranteed … if you listen. There are actual Native American ceremonies wherein the raven totem is used to bring clarity to visions and dreams i.e. clairvoyance.

While they are often tricksters, most of what they do, while at first misunderstood turns out to be for the benefit of mankind. In one legend, raven tricked a god in order to bring light, symbolizing mental illumination to the world. He threw in the moon and stars as well.

Often raven uses the power of trickery and persuasion to get us to do the right thing or the thing that we really know in our hearts we need to do. Ravens bring a different, unusual and creative perspective to a situation or problem. They are often viewed as teachers to shamans and mystics. In almost all Native American cultures raven is also seen as a bringer of powerful magic.

Magic…Manifesting all your greatness into reality!!