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Welcome to My Heart Magic!

Welcome to the journey of discovering you own unique Heart Magic! Sharing my personal stories and experiences for purpose and benefit, guided by my intuition, intention and courage, you will be on your way to discovering the hidden treasure that is you. Armed with the power of belief while honoring the awareness of your own fears, doubts and unknowns, your journey can be exciting and worth it! Life is meant to be an ongoing evolutionary journey of transformation and change. Be brave, open to all possibilities; always do what feels right for you. I wish you health, wellness and free flowing energy.

My Heart Magic Intentions…

You are a brave warrior entering into a magical journey to self…I applaud and support you…

The writings included in this blog are created with the intention to offer you an expansive, supportive healing journey.  Ideally, read each entry in sequence or at your choosing.  Either way they are infused with my personal Heart Magic offered to you. They have been created with a healing intention and infused with unconditional love and support and universal wisdom energy.  Continue reading

Teetering in the dark…


When you find yourself teetering on the edge of all that makes sense and it seems the dark is engulfing your soul, breathe in take in the slowest and deepest breath from the universe, travel back into your self and look with loving eyes. Here is where you will find the reflection to your true self.
Here is where you will discover your heart magic

Watching, watering and wondering…


Sometime back in the Spring, at least as far back as May, I planted some flower seeds in this pot.  I watched, I watered, I wondered.  Months later, no flowers!  Then one day something sprouted!  For sure it had to be the flowers, late bloomers like some people, were pushing their way to the light.  Conjuring metaphors for the human journey, being in the dark, blossoming on our unique individual schedules, reaching for the light, always the unknown, mysterious nature of life and death cycles.  Some would say they only looked like weeds.  Most likely an unwanted plant took over my innocent little seeds planted seemingly so long ago.  But I do not believe in weeds. I cringe when I hear that word.  Although I understand why one would choose one life form over another to cultivate a garden, I can still feel for the unwanted one being called a weed and losing it’s place in the rest of what gets categorized as beautiful and desirable and what does not.  Again the metaphors being conjured up and understood by me.  I continued to watch, to water and to wonder.  I can be very persistent in life.  The childlike part of me believing, believing, believing beyond a doubt that there is magic  everywhere, for everyone.  That the magic flower fairies will surely transform my precious few seeds into magnificent flowers for the neighbors to see. Green leaves grew taller and taller and taller.  No flowers.  Maybe the seeds got buried too deep by me or were carried downward by the passing rains into the pot as Spring ended and now Summer was coming to a close.  So many months.  Again I watched, I watered and wondered, having conversations in my head about all the possibilities of where my magical flowers were hiding, even talking to my husband about these scenarios as my wonderings become external, out loud.  It is now September. Fall really.  Most of the trees are getting that look of readiness to drop their leaves, to take a break from the growth, the reaching, the constant production, to rest for winter.  Most gardens are thinning out, sprinkler systems are awaiting their scheduled yearly blow out day so they can, as the trees and gardens, close their eyes for the winter. I hope you are like me.  I hope you still hear that young child in you, with total belief and knowing, that there are indeed magical flower fairies.  That the trees talk and it’s ok to listen.  That your heart is big and open and able to give and receive love.  That unexpected, magical, seemingly miraculous events are happening all the time, everywhere for everyone!  Everyone.  You can probably guess by now what happened? My flowers grew.  To begin to tell you how I felt that day when I opened my front door to, once again look for my magical flowers with that childlike belief and wonder, would be near impossible.  I checked on a regular basis to see if those “weeds” would show their true inner beauty to the outside world.  That day came, it came!  Somewhere deep inside of me in the place that is totally undistorted, I knew my flowers would come. I was excited with that pure, rainbow glasses feeling that I see in children, that I feel in myself, that I rarely see in adults.  I showed my husband the flowers and had a joy and elation that I wanted to share with the whole world, the entire universe.  I am so thankful for the journey I experienced watching, watering and wondering.  The gifts of awareness and life lessons those flowers offered me allowed me a deeper appreciation of all the mysteries of life.  The importance of believing, of nurturing the “weeds” in life, of seeing everything as purposeful and beautiful and possible. 

PPJ-(Peace Pirate Jules)





This blog



This blog is for me

This blog is for you

This blog is about belief

Belief in all possibilities

Removing the walls of limits

Belief in free will


Creating the dream that is meant to be your life

Your choosing

Your vision

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Ever since she was young she had always known that everything is energy…


Take a minute.  Feel your heart beat.  Be open to the idea that all is energy.  You are energy.

The Power of Ravens


The appearance of ravens, who usually travel in pairs, signifies an offer to assist in seeing things more clearly – to navigate coming change. To many they represent the “clearing of the mists” and as a result coming good luck.

With raven by your side, your success is guaranteed … if you listen. There are actual Native American ceremonies wherein the raven totem is used to bring clarity to visions and dreams i.e. clairvoyance.

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If only you’d look around


100_0051_2Beauty All Around

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Living the life of your dreams?  Feeling peace in your heart?  How are you spending your time?  Are you taking time to do the things you love?  Are you spending time with people who support you, make you laugh, inspire you to be the best you can be?

The rediscovery of My Heart Magic


There came a time where she arrived at the edge of all she thought she knew.  This place was the opening into a lush, limitless, boundaryless, expansive, living green field.  She stood in an invisible door, peering out.  A hand appeared reaching out to her. She knew all was ok, familiar and safe.  She walked out onto the She took the hand.  When connected, she became aware that the hand was attached to her dad who had left the earth plane many years ago.  Tears streamed down her now innocent, childlike and new face.  She was so very happy to be with her dad.  She was open and ready and knew now was the time.  She was led along the beautiful, green grass field.  She gazed into the distance, taking in this view that was now hers, guided by her dad.  She saw a drop off that led to what appeared to be a town.  It contained stone buildings and structures, old style European feel.